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Please feel free to contact any of our satisfied clients, listed below, for more information about our quality of work and commitment to safety.

Affiliates: Headliner
Image by Edward Koorey


Phone: 716.418.2525

Contacts: Tom Spatarico

Allied Waste
Phone: 716.285.3344
Contacts: Russ Cappizzi

An-Cor Plastics
Phone: 716.695.3141
Contacts: Paul K

Applied Technologies
Phone: 716.681.7878
Contact: Ron King

Benderson Development Corporation
Phone: 716.886.0211
Contacts: Amanda Colburn/Dan Clark

Cascade Tissue
Phone: 570-388-4163
Conacts: Mike Suprick

Covanta Energy
Phone: 716.278.8500
Contacts: Randy Flory/Dave Szafran

Ganson Entertainment, LLC
Contacts: Joe Jacobi/Doug Swift

Graftech International
Phone: 216.676.2121
Contacts: Juriata Bursley

J.W. Danforth
Contacts: Craig Regan

Gerdau Ameristeel
Phone: 716.847.6200
Contacts: Derrick Johnson

Greenpac Mills, LLC
Phone: 716.299.0560
Contacts: Bob Gardner

Mark Cerrone, Inc
Phone: 716.282.5244
Contacts: Jeff Salvatore

Phone: 716.262.9614
Contacts: Joe McGough

Midland Asphalt
Phone: 716.583.4392
Contacts: Bill Haynes

National Vacuum Corp
Phone: 716-773-1167
Contacts: Tony Debisco

Niagara Metals
Phone: 716.282.6200
Contacts: Mike Sheehan

Norampac Industries
Phone: 716.285.3681
Contacts: Paul Treharne

North Tonawanda Water Treatment Plant
Phone: 716.695.8560
Contacts: Kelley Williams

Praxair, Inc
Phone: 716.879.4000
Contact: Jason Shero

R & P Oakhill
Phone: 716.822.4966
Contacts: Jennifer Kinny/Eric Wagner

Republic Services
Phone: 716.614.3342
Contact: Gerry Dixon

Skrlin Coating & Blasting
Phone: 716.284.4254
Contacts: Steve Skrlin

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